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The Team At Bounou

The Team @ Dar Sidi Bounou

Our Team works completely flexibly, there are no clear job descriptions, everybody does everything, as circumstance calls for… cleaning, laundry, shopping as well as helping with the cooking and food service. Everyone is a really good cook when necessary and everyone speaks fluent French, and English, as well as Arabic and a few other languages.


​Daoud: from Zagora, studied at Hotel School in Morocco and worked in Germany.


​Idir: from Erg Gabi, studied Agriculture. He is in charge of upkeep and repairs. He also has a great interest in the historical sites of this relatively unknown area.


Boudi: from the Bounou Kasbah, is in charge of administration and technology.

He is also an excellent drummer.


​Hadir: from Zagora is the Head Chef, he also takes care of the animals. He is now learning some English, he speaks excellent French.

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