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Living in the Sun......... and Sleeping under the Stars....

The Dar Sidi Bounou Community Women’s Project…  KNITTED CAMELS plus ?


Dar Sidi Bounou has always been closely connected to the local community.

In 2015, we thought about starting a small craft project with some of the women of the area. We asked some of our regular visitors from the UK to look in their storage cupboards for leftover knitting wool or crochet materials that we could distribute to some of the local ladies so they could start making some things that our visitors could purchase as unique gifts and souvenirs.


Camels are a source of fascination for visitors of all ages, so we started with the idea of asking the ladies who like to knit and make things to try to produce some small KNITTED CAMELS. We had a good sample camel and rider and some other small toys to show as examples when they came to pick up the supplies.

Eventually some creative and charming items were produced… not only toy camels and other small creatures, but also a range of shoulder bags and hand bags, as well as innovative baskets and containers made of recycled and natural raw materials. We invite our guests to ‘make an offer’ for their selection. All of the proceeds are given to the makers.


Fatima Haja of Mhamid, an extremely innovative and resourceful artist and crafts woman, produces finely made, palm frond weaving, including a traditional basket couscous cooker, as well as many original decorated bags, containers and other unusual things. She also weaves large colourful rugs that are worthy of art gallery walls.


It is our hope and intention to extend our women’s craft project in the coming season, to provide some much needed pocket money for the local women, as well as forge new links for the community.       

knitted camels

Knitted camels (2)

Fatima Haja weaving (3)

knitted toys from Bounou (1)

Handmade palm frond baskets (9)

Koki Kamel goes to Taiwan

The Women of Bounou Kasbah

The Women of Bounou Kasbah

Knitted camel from Bounou

Knitted camel from Bounou

Fatima Haja weaving in Mhamid

Fatima Haja weaving in Mhamid (4)

Camel and rider knitted by Bounou women (5)

Group of knitted camels (6)

couscous basket handmade with palm fronds (7)

Fatima Haja weaving cushions (8)

Handmade bags from Bounou


Handmade rugs by Fatima Haja

weaving carpets

close up of the weaving technique

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