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Living in the Sun......... and Sleeping under the Stars....

View from the top terrace to the huts
Inside one of the Nwalla Huts
The inside view of one of the Nwalla Huts
The Nwalla Huts in the garden
The Nwalla Huts

Dar Sidi Bounou has four adobe Nwalla Huts (chalets) in the garden under the palm trees on the edge of the dunes. Each one has a double and a single bed with cotton sheets and duvets in winter, a place to hang clothes, electric light and a door with a key. Each one has a window with shutters.

Nwalla Hut Price

440 Dirhams Bed and Breakfast

Price based on two people sharing.

220 Dirhams Bed and Breakfast

Single Person.

Lunch / Dinner per Person

130 Dirhams 3 Course Lunch or Dinner 

80 Dirhams Light Lunch or Dinner

One of the outside bathroom blocks
Hand basin the bathroom block
Shower cubicle in the bathroom block
Bathroom block near the house
Outside Facilities

The outside facilities are located in two blocks: one near Hut 6 and the other nearer the house. They have western toilets, hand basins and hot showers which are serviced by ecological wood burners that use mostly the trimmings from the palm trees.

We respectfully request that guests are mindful of the fragility of the ecosystem, that water can be a scarce commodity at times, please do not be wasteful of water and electricity. For example, leaving the tap running whilst brushing teeth and making sure taps are turned off fully. The plumbing system is also fragile, toilet flushes in particular should be used with care.

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