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Living in the Sun......... and Sleeping under the Stars....

Enjoying lunch with friends
The Bounou Ladies in the Bamboo Restaurant
Relaxing and reading at Dar Sidi Bounou
One of the shared spaces
The Outside Spaces

There are many areas around the property for relaxing and sitting, for laying down, reading and chatting. There are also places for eating on shared round tables in the garden under the palms and in the bamboo restaurant in front of the house.

There is also the possibility of improvised sleeping places in the garden and on the roof in hot weather, or in the salon or restaurant: for larger groups and in the very unusual circumstances of everything being very crowded when there is a big music festival in the area.

We have a large caidal tent which can be erected on a carpeted cement base. It is open to desert views on one side. It is suitable for music, workshops, dance, yoga and parties.

The Caidal Tent for yoga, workshops and music
Kristine Adams of FCBD
 Kristine Adams with the Bounou cats
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