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Living in the Sun......... and Sleeping under the Stars....

The Dar Sidi Bounou Recycled, Repurposed and Reused Plastic Bottle Projects.


Dar Sidi Bounou has always been closely connected to the environment and looking for ways to be environmentally friendly and promote responsible tourism. As bottled water is rather necessary in this part of the world, due to the lack of rain and drinkable ground water, we are always inundated with the empty bottles.

Karima from Lets Go 2 Morocco; who is a regular visitor, suggested that we use the bottles as building material along with any other recyclables from around the property. In November she started the first Bounou Bottle Wall Project with Daoud and Boudi with lots of suggestions and ideas for continuing the idea in other parts of the garden and grounds of the guesthouse.

We invite all our guests to contribute to the walls by filling their used bottles and adding them to the current project. We hope the idea will spark local and national interest and that other businesses will take up the idea as a way of dealing with the immense plastic bottle waste issue here in the tourism industry.

When properly filled and constructed, any manner of buildings can be built, perhaps even for schools and community projects as well as walls and seating areas. Glass bottles, old tiles and other items can be used for decoration too. Have a look in our gallery to see ongoing projects.

collecting up the bottles

the cat is not inclined to move

this wall needs fixing

Daoud and Nancy filling bottles

Said is helping too

The beginnings...

Almost half way...

daoud and karima on the bottle wall project

Karima and Daoud

taking shape...

Boudi and Karima making the first Bounou wall

Boudi and Karima....

Karima and Boudi on the first Bounou Wall Project

adding a design

Boudi smoothing off...

One of our guests filling his used bottles

one of our guests adding his used bottles to the wall

Boudi concentrating on his task

Berber symbols

boudi and rahma filling bottles

Help filling the bottles comes from small people too

boudi adding tiles

Some used tiles getting a new lease of life

tiling the bounou wall

Hicham working on the recycled tiled top surface

tiling the first bounou wall

Looking great.....

almost finished

The First great Bounou wall is almost finished!!

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