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Living in the Sun......... and Sleeping under the Stars....

Dar Sidi Bounou House
The moroccan salon in the house
After dinner conversation
Salon dining room
The House


The House accommodation is on two floors, with a third top floor terrace which can be used for sleeping under the stars, sunbathing, yoga or meditation.


The upper floor has two guest rooms and a wide partially shaded terrace for quiet relaxing.


The ground floor has a spacious salon with a high ceiling that keeps it relatively cool in warmer weather. It has a sink and bar, tea making facilities and a fridge that can be used by guests. We do not sell alcohol, but guests are welcome to bring their own. Ice cubes are available, no charges. The Salon has traditional Moroccan banquet seating and large tables that can be moved according to requirements. It is a pleasant place for meals if it is too windy, hot or cold outside and for after supper music or conversation and an ideal quiet place for working or reading in the daytime. There are more seating, eating and relaxing areas adjacent to the house, where there is the opportunity to get to know our friendly, engaging cats and gentle desert dogs and listen to a huge variety of world music or enjoy the quiet sounds of nature. There are some books about Morocco available to borrow, as well as paperbacks.  There is free WIFI and ample plugs that can be used for recharging.  Laundry service is available. 

Lamd tagine with prunes and boiled eggs
Lunch at Dar Sid Bounou
Delicious home made soup
 Hadir preparing dinner in the kitchen
Cooking couscous with a traditional basket
Delicious vegetarian dishes
Fresh seasonal fruits

Traditional Moroccan beldi style food is served in the Bamboo Terrace Restaurant or in our large kitchen/salon where anyone with an interest in learning about the methods of cooking will be free to watch and ask questions. Meals feature local specialties and produce, including dates from our own palm trees. Bread is baked daily in our Berber kitchen. We also have a clay Mechoui oven for roasting a whole sheep for a special feast. The restaurant will also be open to non-residents for meals, snacks, and drinks. Booking advisable for meals – 0524846330.

Food at Dar Sidi Bounou

We are well known for the quality and variety of the dishes we serve.  All Slow food, no Fast Food. Everything is freshly prepared for each meal using ingredients purchased daily in the local souks and shops. Hadir is the Head chef, but everyone at DSB is good in the kitchen. Daoud, Idir and Boudi all can cook the familiar traditional Moroccan dishes, but everyone has developed some specialties… as well as the daily fresh vegetable soups served with crispy fried bread slices, salads, meat and vegetable dishes there are some great sliced, spicy, crisp on the outside roasted vegetables … aubergines, courgettes, potatoes… also side dishes and drinks prepared in the blender using carrot and orange, beetroot and orange or lemon, avocado and just about any fruit in season. There are the usual meat dishes, lamb or chicken with prunes or sultanas, and succulent barbeques, but we also make a traditional dish that originated in Fes, named R´fissa, using the aromatic curry like herb, Fenugreek, sliced crepes, lentils, and chicken. It has the consistency of lasagne, and is the ultimate comfort food. Sometimes we also have very fresh sardines delivered express from the coast. Spicy lentils and many vegetarian dishes are always on the lunch table, also mashed potatoes, originally for the children, but now popular with all, including the Moroccans… and the seasonal fruit… mandarins, wild apricots from the mountains and watermelon to die for!    

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