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Activities in and around Dar Sidi Bounou
Activities in and around Dar Sidi Bounou

One of the main activities at Dar Sidi Bounou is non-activity… total relaxation, there is no need to actually do anything active, other than come to the breakfast, lunch or supper table to enjoy the delicious meals in our airy salon or outside on the terrace. Meals often finish with an extended chat over mint tea or drinks of your choice. There are many places to stretch out and read, or snooze, and if you wish to stay connected, we have free Wifi.

Sunset on the nearby Dunes
Sunrise from Dar Sidi Bounou

If you wish to be slightly active there are some substantial Dunes near the house, an ideal place for sunset, which can be reached on foot in ten minutes.

Yoga On the Terrace and Desert Drumming
Yoga on the terrace and Desert Drumming

For the more energetic, we have a large flat roof that has beautiful desert views and is ideal for Yoga (we have some mats), exercise or even sunbathing or you could have an introduction to Desert Drumming techniques and a chance to play with some of the locals.

Walking to a Kasbah Village
Walking tours to the local Kasbahs

The charming Kasbah Village of Ouled Driss, about 4 km. distant, can be reached by walking along the canal path.

Souk Shopping
Souk shopping for the fruits and vegetables

Half Day Excursions by taxi/mini bus to local souks and markets. These are local authentic, colourful and lively markets used by the locals. We strongly advise a no camera policy.

Sandboarding on the Chegaga Dunes

Sandboards can be rented from the bivouac camps out at Erg Chegaga. The dunes there are superb for this activity and suitable for all levels of ability.

Camel Treks
Camel trips and excursions from Dar Sidi Bounou

Half Day Excursions on foot or by camel to various fascinating local historical sites like the 800-year-old Bounou Kasbah and some places of ancient habitation, probably from the first millennium.

Sunset Camel Treks
Sunset camel excursions from Dar Sidi Bounou

Half Day Excursions by camel to the local dunes or a village for a sunset mint tea and a return under the stars to Dar Sidi Bounou for dinner and perhaps some local music.

Full Day Tours
4x4 tours from Dar Sidi Bounou

Full Day Tours by 4x4 to more distant places like the hill fort at Tidri and the largest necropolis in North Africa, with a Berber Pizza picnic lunch. Full Day Excursions by Taxi to more distant towns like the ancient potteries and Koranic Library at Tamagroute.

Cooking Class and Archaeological Guided Trip
Cooking Class and Archaeological Trip

Full Day exclusive Beldi Cooking Class and Excursion: October to May only. Leave after early breakfast by taxi to the Village of Erg Gabi to participate in preparing traditional couscous: to be cooked on a kanoon in a real Beldi kitchen. While it is cooking, go for a 2 to 3 hour round trip walk to a very large archaeological site, returning to the Village to have the Couscous that has been cooked for lunch, returning by taxi to Dar Sidi Bounou in the afternoon.

Overnight Camel Excursions
Overnight Camel Excursions from Dar Sidi Bounou

Overnight Camel Excursions: a 3 hour ride, to a desert bivouac for sunset, supper and music under the stars, sleep in Berber tents. Sunrise breakfast is served on the dunes, then a return by camels to Dar Sid Bounou for hot showers.

Overnight 4x4 Excursions
Overnight 4x4 excursions from Dar Sidi Bounou

Overnight 4x4 Excursions: to the High Dunes at Erg Chegaga after lunch for sunset, supper and music by a fire, sleep in a Berber Tent in a bivouac. Camel rides available. Sunrise breakfast and return to Dar Sidi Bounou.

Overnight plus: as above, leaving after breakfast, lunch in an oasis, returning by a longer route back to Dar Sidi Bounou.

Full Day plus Overnight 4x4 Excursions
Overnight Camping trips from Dar Sidi Bounou

Full day plus Overnight - by Camel and 4x4, leave after breakfast by camel to a desert bivouac for lunch, then travel on by 4x4 to the High Dunes for sunset, supper and sleeping in Berber Tents. Sunrise breakfast and return to Dar Sidi Bounou.

With regard to all excursions and activities: all necessary equipment and supplies are included, however, deserts can be affected by strong weather conditions with wind and extreme temperature variations which must always be taken into consideration with regard to clothing. Comfortable wind and sun proof clothing, with extra layers in the cooler winter months, good sturdy foot ware, as well as some slip ons for the evening-time in the camp. Camels are very wide, like sitting on a barrel, so loose or stretchy rather than jeans or shorts are more comfortable.

It is important to be aware of the fragility of the environment you are going to be in, weather can be very damaging to structures and the heat can dry out land making it impossible to grow crops and plants. It is also therefore wise that you should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

We do not offer quad and buggy activities as they are so incredibly damaging to the landscape.

We would like to ask that everyone brings their non-biodegradable waste back with them, that nothing is discarded in the desert.

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