Living in the sun and sleeping under the stars, making music by moonlight.
Specially organised desert excursions by camel and 4×4.

A traditional daub house in a palmerie garden near the Saharan dunes at Bounou has been restored as a small auberge to provide clean comfortable modern facilities and the best of local beldi style food with gracious hospitality for individual travellers and small groups.

Rooms in the house have ensuite bathrooms (hot water, European toilets) and terraces. There are also Nwalla huts and traditional black Berber tents, or you can sleep on the upper roof under the spectacular stars.


wedding berber styleWould you like to celebrate your marriage in a really completely different way? Moroccans are very good at celebrations and particularly good at celebrating marriages. Wedding celebrations are done in joyous multicolour, not nervously in pristine white satin and lace and stiff black suits. Marriages are accompanied by drums, singing and clapping, not parish church organs. There are no engraved place cards, formal seating plans, stiff floral decorations or tottering stiletto heels, nor is there the European tradition which calls for the consumption of vast amounts of expensive alcohol in order to have a really good time (although alcohol is permitted). Read more


There exists in this part Morocco a tradition of spontaneous and joyous celebration. Almost everyone sings, chants, drums, dances or plays an instrument. Everybody takes part enthusiastically in the very frequent local celebration events and gatherings that always involve music. Some of the performers are partly professional, but generally there is not the big division between the artist and the audience that usually exists in Western performance situations. Visitors at Dar Sidi Bounou who would not normally drum, sing or dance are led into participating by the spirit of fun and informality that can be found in the relaxed friendly atmosphere. Wonderful musicians and other very creative people have been turning up here by chance. Read more

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